2011 National Electrical Code

The 2011 National Electrical Code

The Code Making Panels were busy this cycle and 2011NECentertained more proposals in January 2009 than in most code cycles. There were 5,077 proposals to make changes of the 2008 edition of the code. The Comment stage saw 2,910 Comments for a total of 7,987 Proposals and Comments.

This 52nd edition, the 2011 National Electrical Code included three new articles.
Article 399, Outdoor Overhead Conductors, Over 600 volts
Article 694, Small Wind Electrical Systems
Article 840, Premises-Powered Broadband Communications Systems

5,077 Proposals           2,910 Comments

Report on Proposals,  ROP                                   Report on Comments,  ROC
Download 2011 ROP                                                        Download the 2011 ROC

The 2011 NEC produced four TIA’s, Tentative Interim Amendments
TIA-1_680.42(B)      TIA-2_625.13      TIA-3_625.14       TIA-4_230.44(5)

IAEI 2011 Code Making Panel Representatives
TCCJames Carpenter Ch.TXRichard OwenMN
1Lanny McMahillAZSusan ScearceTN
2Ray Weber Ch.WIWilliam McGovernTX
3Richard Owen Ch.MNRobert WalshCA
4James RogersMAGlen SolesNV
5David WilliamsMIWilliam PancakeFL
6Randy HunterNVJohn StaceyMO
7James HinrichsWACharles PalimerioWA
8David HumphreyVAJames ImlahOR
9Robert McCulloughNJKeith LofflandTX
10Donny Cook Ch.ALRobert KauerPA
11Robert FaheyWIThomas MooreOH
12Tim McClintockOHDavid SherWA
13VacantSusan BorekNJ
14Donald OfferdahlNDJonathon CaddTX
15Marcus SampsonMNRichard PokornyWI
16Ron Janikowski Ch.WIJeff FitzloffID
17James MaldonaldoAZRobert MilatovichNV
18Amos LowranceTNLarry ChanLA
19Ron ChiltonNCCari WIlliametteMN