2017 National Electrical Code

2017 National Electrical Code
the making of a new code…

image001-1The Public Inputs were required to be submitted to NFPA by November of 2014. The NEC Code Panel Meeting occurred in January of 2015. The First Draft was published and open for Public Comment until September 2015. The NEC Code Panel Meetings based on the public comments occurred in October 2015.

4,012 Public Inputs, (PI’s)  Created 1,235 First Revisions (FR’s)
1,513 Public Comments (PC’s) Created 559 Second Revisions (SR’s)


The NFPA Annual Meeting June 13-16, 2016
There were 67 NITMAM’s (Notice of Intent To Make A Motion)

9 New NEC Articles were proposed and  5 new Articles were approved by the 19  panels.

Five New Articles
Article 425 – Fixed Resistance and Industrial Process Heating Equipment
Article 691 – Large Scale Photovoltaic
Article 706 – Energy Storage Systems
Article 710 – Stand-Alone Systems
Article 712 – Direct Current Microgrids