The Western Section began over 100 years ago…

Historically, a record of electrical inspectors working for various jurisdictions of government, as well as insurance, and testing laboratories goes back to the turn of the century.  These inspectors saw the need for uniform interpretation of the code rules as well as fair and dependable inspection to safeguard lives and property.  It became apparent that there was a need for inspectors to organize to achieve these goals.  Some of the old records show inspector organizations for Eastern, Western, and Southern areas.

William S. Boyd who worked for The Underwriters Electrical Bureau (later renamed to Underwriters laboratories) was instrumental in forming the Western Association of Electrical Inspectors.  The first meeting of this Association was held in May 1905 with Mr. Boyd serving as Secretary from 1905 until 1926.  Mr. Boyd later became chief electrical inspector for the city of Chicago and was instrumental in the creation of the IAEI.

View the list of Past Western Section Presidents that dates back to 1929

The Western Section has been proudly served by some very outstanding individuals that excelled to become International Past Presidents of the IAEI.

The Western Section Honor Roll includes past section secretaries, Western Section honorary Members and International Honorary Members of the IAEI.

The Western Section Annual Meetings offer a great venue for electrical professionals from across the country and beyond to get together for networking, to provide clarifications on electrical code related issues, to attend the various educational programs at the meeting. The Western Section is fortunate to have the hospitality of the Wisconsin Chapter’s “R & R Ranch” they provide a time to unwind over a soda and time for more code discussion.  The Previous Section Meetings page offers some information on meeting that have occurred in the past.